More and more often we receive requests from people who want to make a jewel on “measure”, something unique in design, gems and materials. Creating a jewel is a job that requires experience and skill, time and passion, but it is the only way to obtain a unique piece with a timeless design.

Our company, which is strictly family run, hands down the secrets of this noble art from generation to generation for over two centuries; a Madonna in enamelled silver worked by Venanzio Francia in 1780 and still in our private collection, testifies to our centuries-old tradition, and makes us one of the reference Italian realities of the sector, so much to have been mentioned by Costantino Bulgari (1889-1973) as one of the Italian excellence in jewelery. Costantino, son of Sotirio the founder of the BVLGARI and creator of the development of the company of the same name, was one of the leading experts in silverware and goldsmithery. Between the late forties and early seventies, he conducted important research on Italian goldsmiths and silversmiths, giving rise to the publication “Argentieri, gemmari e orafi d’Italia”, which became the absolute model of reference for all scholars of antique gold and silverware. In this book, kept in the library archive of the University of Siena, we are repeatedly mentioned by Bulgari as one of the most virtuous companies in central Italy.

Strengthened by a long tradition, but attentive to every new trend and technology, our artisan goldsmiths will always be ready to accompany you in the creation, restoration or reinterpretation of the jewel you’ve always dreamed.