Tomasini Francia is synonymous of quality Jewelery and Watchmaking. This company, born many years ago in the “Borgo” of the city of Spoleto, where it is still present, boasts an nancient tradition and a consolidated prestige that goes beyond the city limits and is, from its rise, strongly characterized by a purely family management.

The history of the goldsmith company Tomasini Francia is inherent in that of the two families, Francia and Tomasini, in fact. The first is a dynasty of goldsmiths and silversmiths whose earliest records date back to 1711. Among its protagonists, noteworthy is the figure of Ignazio Francia who in 1815 “holds shop” with his partner Luigi Pariani, in Spoleto in via del Borgo n. 22, offering work to various specialized workers: silversmiths, chisellers, goldsmiths and jewelers. After him it is Luigi Francia who takes over the management of the shop which will then be inherited by his son Galileo. Thanks to the marriage between the latter’s daughter, Annunziata Francia, and Icaro Tomasini, a talented goldsmith originally from Jesi, in 1923 the binomial “Tomasini-Francia” was born.

To continue the family business, after Annunziata and Icaro are, their first child, Galileo and his wife Luisa Maria, who, thanks to a total dedication and careful management, have guided the company towards a growing development since the 1950s bringing it to be a reference showcase for central Italy, able to host the best brands in the watchmaking and fine jewelery scene.


The history of the company Tomasini Francia and of the family that is at the helm continues and is enriched with new figures: Icaro and Giuliana Tomasini, are the heirs able to capitalize on the commercial tradition handed down by the founding ancestors and to further enhance it by focusing increasingly on brand quality and customer focus.

The new stores in Foligno and Terni are born, respectively in the years ’93 and ’02, the activity of the goldsmith laboratory is enhanced with the creation of high quality and manufacturing precious, and the post sales assistance is further realized in the field of watchmaking, through desks present in every sales point and a highly specialized laboratory in the city of Foligno, qualified for the assistance of the best Swiss watch brands.

Over the years, the relationship between Tomasini Francia and its city of origin has become more and more consolidated, thanks to the partnership that has been linking the company to the event that made Spoleto unique: the Festival dei Due Mondi. This event, for over fifty years, has been able to stage the most noble artistic expressions, framing them in a series of events of great cultural importance and absolute artistic excellence, in which the company Tomasini Francia is inserted to support the prestige of the Festival in collaboration with one of its authoritative brands, the Rolex brand.

Tomasini Francia now sees the attainment of the second century of activity, celebrated with an architectural renovation project that has just ended, which has invested all the stores, a body of highly qualified collaborators, as well as the new generation of the Tomasini family that is preparing to take part to company management, thus entering the long tradition of the Tomasini France company.

Starting from 2019 you can also found a Tomasini Francia Store in the Ponte Vecchio 48r ( Florence ), one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world.